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Educate Yourself.

Act for Others.

What we Do

We're aggregating and curating resources for White people in America to take actions in their homes, work and on the street to end systemic and institutionalized racism, police brutality, vigilante "justice," anti-blackness and white supremacy.  

Who we Are

We're a cross-racial and

inter-generational coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses. We are all 

genders, sexualities, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, political affiliations,

and physical and mental abilities.

Who we are for

White People

What We Believe In

Racism is the foundation of Western society; we are socialized into a racial hierarchy


All of us are shaped by the forces of racism; no one is exempt


All white people benefit from the racial hierarchy, regardless of intentions


No one chose to be socialized into racism (so no one is “bad”)


Racism must be continually identified, analyzed and challenged; no one is ever done


The question is not if racism is at play, but how is it at play?


The racial hierarchy is invisible and taken for granted for most white people

Take the Pay with Action Pledge

The Pay for Action Pledge acknowledge privilege from and role in perpetuating systemic racism and to commit to pay with action to dismantle systemic racism in your homes, your work and on you

Now, Pay with Action

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