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Pay with your Voice

Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.

-- James Baldwin

at home

Fighting against racism starts in your home. These conversations--whether with family, friends, or your children--may be difficult, but it's important that people with shared identity and experiences understand passive or overt privilege and racism.  Talk to your kids about how to be an ally to their friends and classmates. Here are resources on how to pay with your voice at home:

at work

The fight against racism is an informed, consistent, and empathetic practice.  To be an anti-racist you must uphold a culture of inclusion not only in your home but also at work. This requires self-reflection, rethinking, and relearning past behaviors and approaches in the work place.

Here are resources on how to pay with your voice at work:

on the street

The fight against racism extends beyond the home and workplace, you have to take it to the streets. This may mean many things for different people. Being an ally to your only Black friend is *not* fighting racism.  Making intentional decisions to understand, empathize, and act in support of all  Black people is fighting racism. Anti-racism work is a lifelong commitment and practice.

Here are resources on how to pay with your voice on the street:


Steer your kids toward toys, books, TV shows, and movies that represent diversity.


Seek out opportunities for your kids to interact with peers of different races, ethnicities, and genders.


Amplify Black voices and perspectives in your media and news consumption.

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